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Hand Painted Swinger

Hand Painted Swinger - Speed Humpgenre: alternative | modern rock
label: unsigned
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Magic Potion
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Sweet Addiction

Froglix welcomes modern rock aficionados, Hand Painted Swinger to the broadcast with selections from their album Speed Hump.  Interestingly enough, I was first introduced to the founding members of HPS many moons ago while working as a bouncer at a bar just outside of Washington, DC.  At the time, Jim Higley (vox/guitar), Billy Plank (drums/vocals), and Bob Sellhouse (guitar/vocals) were performing as part of a top flight cover band called the PestStrips.  Eventually, after a very successful run which earned them a number of accolades from the mid-Atlantic music community, they disbanded to pursue other opportunities and passions.  The three amigos reunited after a brief hiatus and began writing and recording new material as HPS.  The end result is a carefully crafted sound that pulls from a wide range of musical influences.  Higley’s crisp, clear vocals resonate beautifully as they illuminate well-written lyrics that draw upon a bevy of life experiences that just about anyone can relate to.  Plank, Sellhouse, and bassist Chris Sussman provide a backdrop of melodies, harmonies, and hooks that glue it all together.  Hand Painted Swinger is in a good place with their music because they know who they are and, more importantly, what they want to be as a band.   It is that confidence that insulates them from the noise and quiets the din that negatively impacts so many musicians trying to become the next “big thing”.  HPS is focused on writing and performing real, honest music and, from the sounds of it, they have succeeded.


Upcoming Shows

Dec 4 2009 9:30P
NEW LISTING: Austin Grill (Full Band) Rockville, Maryland
Dec 5 2009 8:00P
Dogfish Head (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Falls Church, Virginia
Dec 12 2009 8:00P
Dogfish Head (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Gaithersburg, Maryland
Dec 18 2009 9:30P
Greene Turtle (Full Band) Germantown, Maryland
Jan 9 2010 8:00P
Main Cup (Jim/Bob Acoustic Show) Middletown, Maryland
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OuterSound :: November 2009

OuterSound Indie Music Podcast

Check out the November edition of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast.  You can play/download it here or check us out on iTunes.  In this month’s episode, we are featuring tracks from:

Everything Zen
Hand Painted Swinger
Oliver Benjamin Thayer
Vinny Piana

OuterSound (November 2009)
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London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

genre: electro | alt-rock
label: unsigned

CapelleWhat happens when a classic 60’s/70’s vibe collides with indie-alt-rock?  Capelle happens.  These blokes from London beautifully mix hard rock guitars with urban beats and vibrant vocals. The result is a brilliant new disc entitled Money Now, Money How, Money When.  One of the things that we are constantly on the look out for here at Froglix is the “it” factor.  However, the “it” factor can be different things to different people.  For us, it’s talented musicians with a truly unique sound that can translate equally well both in studio and on stage.  Nic Capelle (lead vocals) and his compadres (Fotis – lead guitar, Quinton – bass, Kris – drums, and Sven – backing vocals and keys) really do pull “it” off smashingly well.  In addition to the teaser video above, we have included (2) additional tracks to the global broadcast. While we really dig Capelle, we’d much rather hear what you think.


Upcoming Shows

Nov 19 2009 7:00P
Sound London, London and South East
Dec 3 2009 6:00P
The Goodship London, London and South East
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Cleveland Rocks with Everything Zen

Genre: indie-pop | rock
Label: unsigned

Everything Zen

Down Down Down :: Primo :: Party With The Lights On!

At the heart of Everything Zen you will find (5) musicians who absolutely love to play.  You can hear it.   Their self-titled debut disc, recorded at Jungle Studios in their hometown of Cleveland, OH, has a very “live” feel to it which is perfect for this band.  For Zach McCraith (vox), Vince Lundi (guitar/vox), Jon Benko (guitar), Josh Whiteman (drums), and Jake Goldberg (bass), their musical career is just beginning.  At 20 years of age, none of the aforementioned bandmates are even old enough to drink legally and yet they play with a certain musical maturity that is usually reserved for musicians 10 to 20 years their senior.   Elements of alt-rock and indie-pop, along with a dash of punk and ska, radiate from within and give life to a sound that is teeming with infectious energy and raw enthusiasm.  The only thing I would have to say I’m not down with is…the name.  But, given that I not only dig their music and their delivery, I’m willing to overlook it.


Upcoming Shows

Dec 5 2009 7:00P
John Carroll University University Hieghts, Ohio
Dec 18 2009 7:00P
The Wikki Wikki Tour – The Grog Shop Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 19 2009 6:30P
The Wikki Wikki Tour – TBA Chicago, Illinois
Dec 20 2009 6:30P
The Wikki Wikki Tour – Mainstreet USA Streamwood, Illinois