Hand Painted Swinger

genre: alternative | modern rock label: unsigned listen now… Magic Potion Katie 180 Sweet Addiction Froglix welcomes modern rock aficionados, Hand Painted Swinger to the broadcast with selections from their album Speed Hump.  Interestingly enough, I was first introduced to the founding members of HPS many moons ago while working as a bouncer at a bar… Continue reading Hand Painted Swinger

London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

genre: electro | alt-rock label: unsigned What happens when a classic 60’s/70’s vibe collides with indie-alt-rock?  Capelle happens.  These blokes from London beautifully mix hard rock guitars with urban beats and vibrant vocals. The result is a brilliant new disc entitled Money Now, Money How, Money When.  One of the things that we are constantly on the… Continue reading London's Capelle and Their Cool Vibe

Cleveland Rocks with Everything Zen

Genre: indie-pop | rock Label: unsigned Down Down Down :: Primo :: Party With The Lights On! At the heart of Everything Zen you will find (5) musicians who absolutely love to play.  You can hear it.   Their self-titled debut disc, recorded at Jungle Studios in their hometown of Cleveland, OH, has a very “live”… Continue reading Cleveland Rocks with Everything Zen