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America Rocks with Monty

MontyGenre: folk | alt-rock
Label: Space Poet

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Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
America Rocks
Butterflies In Heaven

Singer/song writer Monty Milne’s most recent release from Space Poet Publishing, a (5) song EP  entitled Rock Stars Don’t Eat Cookies, blends the best of his classic rock influences (The Who, Hendrix, et al) with contemporary indie.  Milne’s vocals are comparable to those of front man Matt Talbot (Hum) in that they both emphasize the true nature of their voices versus covering them up with lots of compression and reverb. Like Talbot, Milne’s delivery is an honest one and, while they may share similar vocal styles, that’s where the likeness ends, as musically, they are light years apart.  Monty favours a folk-rock approach to his music over the metal fringed space-rock that was synonymous with Hum.  As for the tracks selected for broadcast, “America Rocks” is an ode, of sorts, touting the good things about the US which is somewhat refreshing given our current political/economic climate.  “Richard Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” exhibits an interesting dissonant quality during the verses, while the chorus brings you back in with a simple, yet brilliant, hook.  “Butterflies In Heaven” has boppy rhythm from start to finish that compliments the other (2) tracks quite nicely.  At present, Mr. Milne is hard at work writing and recording a new CD.  We look forward to hearing The Lion when it’s released later this year or early next.

– Drago

Atlanta Cashbook Clique dancehall featured artists Georgia hip hop Jamaica Murderus Soundz reviews Street Dream Records Young Dread

Dancehall Days Revisited

Genre: dancehall/hip hop
Label: Street Dream Records (Cashbook Clique) and Murderus Soundz (Young Dread)
Jamaica’s Cashbook Clique, who first joined Froglix’s global broadcast a few weeks ago with a track entitled “Galis Caliba”, is back with another new song.  “Rise”, now in rotation, swings a little more to Cashbook Cliquethe Hip Hop side of their musical influences while staying true to their Dancehall roots.  This new track is just as engaging as their previous work and is sure to be enjoyed by the Froglix faithful.
Young DreadWhat do Gladys Knight, The B-52’s and Sugarland have in common with our newest addition to the broadcast  Young Dread?   Well, it’s definitely not the same genre of music that’s for certain.  However, they all, as well as a myriad of other well known musicians, athletes and entertainers, call Atlanta, GA home.  The list of famous musicians that hail from this southern metropolis is a storied one indeed.   However, we really haven’t heard much in the way of Dancehall coming out of the ATL, which is rather sad as The Big Peach could really use it!   After listening to the tracks from Young Dread, we came to the conclusion that he is just the one to bring it.  This talented artist delivers pulsating rhythms complimented by lyrics that are on time and on point.  We are thrilled to be featuring selections from Same Color As the President and look forward to hearing much more.  In addition to the broadcast, you can also check out Young Dread in the October episode of the OuterSound Indie Music Podcast. Prepare to get your groove on people!


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Cashbook Clique :: Rise
Young Dread :: Reggae Worldwide

featured artists indie pop reviews United Kingdom unsigned videos Vinny Piana

Alternative/Indie Pop from the UK: Vinny Piana

Label: unsigned
Genre: indie pop

The latest EP from British singer-songwriter Vinny Piana entitled Love Is Your Fear is an intriguing blend of acoustic guitars, strings, keys, rhythms and vocals that are rich in character, tone and originality.  In “You’re Everything” Piana takes a simple yet solid bassline and brilliantly builds an entire song around it.  The addition of  colourful guitars and fairy dust keys gives the track a certain Cure-like quality that is simply hypnotic.  “Beg Me To Forgive” has a bit of a bouncier cadence as does the title track, “Love Is Your Fear” which also leans a little more to the edgier side.  Falling somewhere in between is “All I Wanted” with a heart-beat like rhythm, sparkling keys and melancholy lyrics.  Vinny Piana takes the ever popular indie pop sound and mixes in just the right amount of old school alternative and delivers an engaging hybrid that is truly unique and remarkably memorable.


alternative featured artists folk funk Oliver Benjamin Thayer reviews Taichung Taiwan unsigned

Alternative Folk Funk From the Far East

Genre: Alternative | Folk | Funk
Label: unsigned

Oliver Benjamin Thayer_blog

Oliver Benjamin Thayer is an interesting cat who puts out some interesting music.  Now a resident of Taichung, Taiwan, this international bard was originally born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but wasn’t there long before going on an extended family walk-about that included visits to Turkey, Israel, The Czech Republic and Italy, among other places.  When you couple the myriad of experiences gained through his extensive travels with his diverse mix of musical influences that include hip hop, funk, folk and country/western what you get is a smooth sound that brilliantly encapsulates personal Oliver’s journey that has literally taken him there and back again.  With his most recent CD, 12 Women, this talented singer-songwriter lays down some groovy tracks that brilliantly blend the aforementioned genres into one, unified sound that should appeal to both fans of the urban music scene as well as indie aficionados.

alternative Canada featured artists Ontario reviews rock Symphony of Nine Toronto unsigned videos

Symphony of Nine

Genre: alternative | rock
Label: indie

So9 perform live at Rock 95’s Local and Loud competition.

Symphony of Nine_playingIt seems that every week we are receiving more and more submissions for our neighbors to the north.  Toronto, Canada has become a veritable hot spot for independant music and is home to some excellent indie bands currently in rotation here at Froglix so it’s only fitting that we add another one to the mix this week.  Talyor Brown, Giovani Agostini, Scott Dion Brown, Colin Campbell and Radek Macczny are the lads that make up the newest addition to the broadcast, Sypmhony of Nine.  So9’s most recent disc, aptly titled Radio, is a captivating blend of raucus guitar riffs (‘Paralyze’ and ‘Dance Club Superstar’), pulsating rhythyms, phat bass lines, perfectly placed keys (‘Sariah In C Minor’) and gritty/powerful vocals exuding a raw energy that hearkens back to something reminiscent of Live’s Mental Jewelry disc. Good song writing, in turn, translates into an excellent performance when put in the hands of talented musicians. Fortunately, So9 delivers all of the above.


3rd Alley AnimalFilter Glue Factory I M Munroe Lux Leopard Nadine Loren podcasts Rude City Riot Souldier of Fortune The Kut Young Dread

OuterSound: October 2009

OuterSound Indie Music Podcast

Has it been a month already? Apparently, it has! Time once again, boys and girls, for a new edition of Froglix Radio’s OuterSound Indie Music Podcast. This month we decided to forgo any type of quasi ghoulish marketing theme and stick with what we love…New Indie. True Indie.

In this episode you will hear new music from:

I M Munroe | Toronto, Canada
Lux Leopard | Sochi, Russia
3rd Alley | Longbeach, CA
The Kut | New Cross, England
Glue Factory | Longbeach, CA
Animal Filter | Atlanta, GA
Rude City Riot | Toronto, Canada
Souldier of Fortune | Dogbeach, CA
Young Dread | Nashville, TN
Nadine Loren | Los Angeles, CA


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iTunes and OuterSound

Starting with the October episode, Froglix Radio’s OuterSound Indie Music Podcast will be available as a free download via iTunes!  We are just a little bit excited about it because we know that it means even more exposure for the artists who are currently part of our global broadcast.  In addition to iTunes, OuterSound will also be available as a download or subscription.
The whole team here at Froglix is absolutely stoked, as you can imagine, and would like to thank all of the indie artists who support us with their music and all of the Froglix faithful who support us and by tuning in everyday.
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The Emergence of Indie Culture

What does it really mean to be “indie”?  For a word that is thrown around so frequently in this day and age it has become quite challenging to distinguish fact from faux.  Christel Loar from writes an interesting review of Kaya Oakes’ Slanted and Enchanted: The Evolution of Indie Culture (June 2009, Paperback, 256 pages, $14.00) in which she looks at how the author incorporates her own personal experiences with academic information in her attempt to discern if “indie” is a movement, lifestyle, fashion statement, some, none or all of the above.