Month: September 2009

  • New Video: Nadine Loren's 'Look Me In the Diamonds'

    Label: unsigned Genre: indie pop We are totally digging this new video from Nadine Loren as it is proof positive that you don’t need a huge budget and pyrotechnics to make a good video all you need is a good song.  ‘Look Me In the Diamonds’ is yet another awesome track off her debut CD…

  • Enter Twisterbait and Their Cyclone of Sound

    The UK’s Twisterbait.

  • New Music from Mother Russia

    Lux Leopard joins the broadcast with tracks from their 2009 demo CD.

  • Superstitious Puppets = ATL's AnimalFilter

    Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed genes from Stevie Wonder with those of Trent Reznor?  No? Just me?  Here’s the rub…You take (2) quintessential icons down into the basement of a secret government lab, extract DNA from them, mix it all up in a beaker and what would you get?  Atlanta’s AnimalFilter.  More…

  • I M Munroe is here…

    Brothers Ian and Mark Munroe create a musical catharsis that deals with issues that are not only real to them but, in turn, real to all of us.

  • SoulsilenS

    Genre: Alt-Rock/Grunge Label: Unsigned Froglix journeys from the rolling hills of the bluegrass state to the mean streets of Philadelphia, PA.  That’s right, I speak of the town where Santa Claus gets accosted on a regular basis, and without paying for it I might add.  It is here in the “City of Brotherly Love” we find…

  • New Artist/New CD…Kentucky's Sexstone Now on Froglix Radio

    Western Kentucky’s Sexstone joins the broadcast with selections from their debut disk The Painful Side of True. Steven Bauer (vox/guitar), Steve Wheeler (guitar), Trent Riley (bass) and Bryan Thomas (drums) take us on a musical excursion that travels over hill and dale while effortlessly flowing in and out of genre’s on it’s way to a place…

  • A Kut Above

    Froglix gets a sneak peek at (2) new tracks from England’s The Kut!

  • OuterSound is Here


  • Rude Boys from the Great White North

    Skalisicious! Vancouver’s Rude City Riot skanks their way into the broadcast with a ginormous ska sound!