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New Video: Nadine Loren's 'Look Me In the Diamonds'

Label: unsigned
Genre: indie pop

We are totally digging this new video from Nadine Loren as it is proof positive that you don’t need a huge budget and pyrotechnics to make a good video all you need is a good song.  ‘Look Me In the Diamonds’ is yet another awesome track off her debut CD Living in Wonderland.  At present we are playing (3) other tracks from this disc in rotation and hope to be playing this one soon as well!  In the meantime, you can check it out here or at  Will someone please sign this girl!?!?!?

– Drago

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Enter Twisterbait and Their Cyclone of Sound

Label: xacca sounds
Genre: electro-rock

I Spy, the latest release from London’s Twisterbait is out now on the Xacca Sounds label and showcases sundry sounds that pull from countless influences ranging from Frank Zappa to the Prodigy.  While the tracks on this disc are connected Twisterbaitvia a string of common of congruency, one definitely cannot apply the “heard one, heard them all” generalization with these blokes.  Quite the contrary.  If nothing else,  Twisterbait is wonderfully unpredictable.  When I first heard the track ‘Dead Man’ (video above), the muddy guitars mixed with a groovy back beat made me think of Soundgarden meets Beck.  However, the next song, ‘Get On Our Bus’, through me for a bit of a loop as it takes the same baseline sound and then fuses  it with some 70’s funk undertones.  Very cool.  Take Twisterbait to the third power and what you get is the title track to the album, ‘I Spy’, with much more of an electro/industrial feel and just a sprinkling of Pink Floyd’ sonic experimentation.  Twisterbait’s latest disc pushes the envelope and bravely explores areas of sound where the mainstream clones fear to tread.


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New Music from Mother Russia

Lux Leopard_playing

Label: indie
alternative | indie-pop

Along the sprawling shores of the Black Sea, with the snow capped Caucausus Mountains as a majestic backdrop, lies the resort town of Sochi, Russia, which, in addition to being selected to host the 2014 Olympic games, is also home to our latest addition to the global broadcast.  We are delighted to welcome Lux Leopard to the fold and happier still to be sharing tracks from their 2009 demo CD with the Froglix faithful around the world.  Karina Yunusova (Vox), Eugene Kuznetsov (Guitars), Alsan Gedgafov (Bass) and David Ogan’yan (Drums) skillfully pool their collective talents to forge an energetic cadence draped in sparkling melodies that lift the spirit.  Fans of Bjork, the Sundays, Frou Frou and the like will totally dig this band and, while Lux Leopard is just the 2nd band from the Russian Federation to join the rotation (Static Free being the other), we sincerely hope this is the beginning of a trend.  The indie music coming out of Mother Russia these days is excellent and more than holds its own against the rest of the world…Lux Leopard is no exception.  Enjoy!


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Superstitious Puppets = ATL's AnimalFilter


Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed genes from Stevie Wonder with those of Trent Reznor?  No? Just me?  Here’s the rub…You take (2) quintessential icons down into the basement of a secret government lab, extract DNA from them, mix it all up in a beaker and what would you get?  Atlanta’s AnimalFilter.  More specifically, you would get AF doing a phenomenal version of Lil Stevie’s “Superstition”.  Simply one of the best covers ever.  It’s funkified ferocity.  In fact, that is how I would describe their debut album The Puppet.  Now, to be honest I’ve only heard a couple of tracks (hint hint to AnimalFilter to send more music…stat!) but you would be hard pressed to find a band with more intensity.  If we could just harness the heart pounding pulse and electric energy these cats put out you could power up their hometown of Hotlanta for decades.  AF = AnimalFilter = Alternate form of Energy.  Alert the media…wait…we are the media.  Alert noted! 

– Drago

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I M Munroe is here…

Label: I M Munroe Productions
Genre: Alternative/Rock

I M Munroe_blog

I Am Here, the new full-length, debut  album from Toronto, Canada’s I M Munroe explores areas of sound that resonate with truth and team with emotion.  Brothers Ian and Mark Munroe  (the I and the M, respectively) create a musical catharsis that deals with issues that are not only real to them but, in turn, real to all of us.  Their delivery is smooth but not soft as Ian’s bold guitar work meshes well with brother Mark’s solid vocal performance which is a redolent mix of a young Ringo Star, Talking Heads front man David Byrne and just a pinch of Richard Butler from the Psychedelic Furs.  The difference being Mark has a much better range and, quite frankly, a much better voice than the aforementioned trio.
The strong melody line in “Used to Love You” is complimented by perfectly placed and perfectly pitched harmonies, adding just the right splash of colour to the mix. The same can be said for “Fool”, a song that stresses the importance of following through on that which is vital for one’s personal happiness…despite opposition.  “Should Have Known Better” is a bit of a boppy tune that speaks of moving on after a relationship has lingered on beyond that “certain point” where at least one party knows it really is over.
It’s quite evident that the Brothers Munroe have invested a lot of themselves into this their first full-length recording.  Memorable hooks, sagacious lyrics and a strong all around performance make this disc a keeper and this band of brothers one to watch for in the future.


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SoulsilenS_blogGenre: Alt-Rock/Grunge
Label: Unsigned

Froglix journeys from the rolling hills of the bluegrass state to the mean streets of Philadelphia, PA.  That’s right, I speak of the town where Santa Claus gets accosted on a regular basis, and without paying for it I might add.  It is here in the “City of Brotherly Love” we find Andrei SoulsilenS.  Originally from Brazil, this indie rocker is a master of the melancholy as he tosses alt-rock in with a lil bit o’ the grunge for some extra umph.   We are excited to be featuring (2) tracks ( “Sell Me” and “Tears of the See”) from his most recent disc, Several Feelings.

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New Artist/New CD…Kentucky's Sexstone Now on Froglix Radio

Then Painful Side of True
Western Kentucky’s Sexstone joins the broadcast with selections from their debut disk The Painful Side of True. Steven Bauer (vox/guitar), Steve Wheeler (guitar), Trent Riley (bass) and Bryan Thomas (drums) take us on a musical excursion that travels over hill and dale while effortlessly flowing in and out of genre’s on it’s way to a place where the fundamentals of rock still reign.  Sexstone understands that good song writing blows away any gimmicks one might add to a particular tune to spruce it up a bit.  Put simply, these cats don’t need gimmicks to make their songs sound good…because they already do.

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A Kut Above

The Kut_playingWe first heard about The Kut a few weeks ago from Sharon Charabi at Criminal Records, an indie record label on the rise in the UK.  Sharon had previously introduced Froglix to The Exits, another excellent English band on the same label earlier this year.  After some good natured  poking and prodding by yours truly, she was kind enough to give us a sneak peak at a couple of  A-side tracks from The Kut which are scheduled to be released “officially” next month…October 12th to be exact.  My first reaction after listening to “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” and “Closure” was “Wow.  I have to play these songs on Froglix!”  But, alas, I had to exhibit some patience while awaiting the final mix downs.  Thankfully, we’ve just recently been given the green light to include both songs as part of our global broadcast and are honoured to be able to share them with the Froglix faithful around the world!
The talented trio of Maha (Vox/Lead Guitar), Elvira (Bass) and Jade (Drums/Samples) lay down a matchless melodic vibe that oozes edginess and attitude from every pore.  If you’re looking for the 2nd of coming of The Go Go’s…keep looking because being an all-female ensemble is where the similarities with the aforementioned group end.  However, if you are in search of a true rock band and not a pop band trying to sound like one, then look no further because the Kut is just that…a rock band and a damn good one.   Take a listen and you’ll hear a myriad of alternative and indie influences all bonded together in a tight little package affixed with a nice red bow…or, perhaps, a shiny piece of barbwire may be more appropriate for The Kut!


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OuterSound is Here

OuterSound Indie Music PodcastYour friends at Froglix are pleased to announce that the inaugural episode of the OuterSound Indie Music podcast is available for download! Every month we will be compiling a “highlight reel”, of sorts, showcasing (10) tracks of new music from global artists currently in rotation on Froglix Radio.  So why a podcast you may ask?  Well, our main goal was a simple one.  To provide listeners with  on-demand/on the go access to the best indie music on the planet.
This month’s offering includes musical contributions from The Treading Lemmings, Part One Tribe, Raya Nova and Holloe from the US as well as Cellarscape (UK), Artsy Pop (France)Leek and the Bouncing Uptones (South Africa)Smart Artists (Australia) and Cashbook Clique (Jamaica).
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Rude Boys from the Great White North

Perhaps it’s just my imagination but it seems like the critics of Ska music have been predicting its demise ever since the genre first emerged back in the 1960’s.  Well, Froglix is happy to report (and disappoint, as the case may be) that Ska is very much alive and, dare I say, thriving both here in the US and around the world…especially with bands like Vancouver, Canada’s Rude City Riot leading the charge.  This mighty ensemble from the Great White rudecityriot_playingNorth can kick it old school or rock it with a Third Wave style that is packed with bold originality.  These uber talented Canucks are most definitley poised to and on the cusp of catapulting to the next level because they have been able to do something not everyone can…write and perform music that has  the potential for mass market appeal while staying true their roots.  Rude City Riot’s particular blend ska, punk and reggae masterfully builds on the core elements of these genres while molding them into a musical offering that is ripe with well-crafted hooks, infectious grooves and an energetic vibe that is unmistakably unique.  
In addition to “Victoria” (featured in the video above…and our personal fav) we have also included (3) other titillating tracks from their 2008 self-titled debut CD as part of Froglix’s global broadcast.  So get out your skankin’ shoes and get ready for wild ride!