Concert Pricing with a Twist

Is the current recession negatively impacting your ability to see the bands you want when you want?  Hopefully not.  However, if you find yourself in the “this recession sucks” category here is an interesting twist on procurring concert tix.  The band Lotus has decided to let fans pick their own price–anywhere from $1 to $20.  This little experiment is being dubbed the Pay What You Want Tour and, for those concert goers who choose to pay $15 or more, they will get an added bonus from the band–a link to download both of the band’s digital EPs for free.  (Technically, it’s not free because there is the little issue of the $15.  Consider it more of an economical package deal.)  All in all, we applaud Lotus’ innovative efforts and are very curious to see how this works out for them.   Who knows…maybe they’re on to something.
It’s no secret that music fans everywhere show their support for their favourite bands with their wallets, even in a down economy.  From a business perspecitive, the risk is pretty low as  for every frugal explorer Lotus stands to pick up a new  loyal fan and all for a nominal fee.  The goodwill created with this benevolent approach could pay huge divdends down the road.
Would this work for every band?  Probably not.  The upside seems to be geared more toward established bands but you never know.  Regardless, it’s these types of pioneering approaches that always perk our ears up here at Froglix.


alternative featured artists indie pop rock Sharif unsigned videos

Video: Sharif on Raw Session

In this video Sharif performs an acoustic version of “Dark Side of the Dawn” from his Kisses and Lies CD.

CrimsonFaced featured artists industrial reviews rock unsigned

Lunatics and Freaks

CrimsonFaced_playing The whacked-out rollercoaster ride that is CrimsonFaced rumbles its way into the broadcast with tracks from Captain Freak and Lunatic Binge.  Mike Trapp, the magic behind the mayhem, has definitely got a screw loose…but that’s ok because genius is often times confused with madness and Trapp offers up a little of both with these (2) discs.  The end result translates into a stunning mosaic of sound that lies somewhere between Trent Reznor and Bob Mould with just a dash of Ozzy.  That’s right…I said it.  Trent, Bob and the Ozman. 
“Blameless” is a tune that’s fierce but not ferocious.  It’s intense but not over the top.  It’s just right.  On the flipside, “Sublime” is an engaging track that dances beautifully between the melodic and the harmonic all the while barely clinging to sanity.  From hard driving industrial rock to more of a laid back electronica style, CrimsonFaced lays down an interesting mix that is sure to strike a positive chord with the Froglix faithful.  Check it out!

Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings blues California featured artists folk Hamilton jazz reviews rock San Francisco The Autonomous Region unsigned Virginia

West Coast and the Hawk

The Autonomous Region from San Francisco, CA makes their Froglix debut with tracks from their 2008 release Forbidden City. Rock, blues and jazz all coalesce to create an eclectic sound with an unmistakable West Coast vibe.  We’ve selected a couple of tracks that shine a light on the band’s soulful side for the broadcast.  Make no mistake, they can lay down the dirt and rock out with the best of them but for our money “Took My Breath Away” and “What Can I Do for You” are the jazziest grooves on the album and have quickly become our faves.   We think you’ll dig ‘em too!

From the West Coast we travel back east on the wings of a hawk…Andy Hawk and the Train Wreck Endings to be exact.  I was recently introduced to this talented songwriter and musician just a few short weeks ago via a mutual friend who had been bugging me incessantly to check out his music.  Apparently, Andy had sent Froglix a bevy of mp3’s for us to listen to back in July…unbeknownst to us as we had a slight problem with our email and didn’t receive them until just recently (sorry ‘bout that Andy!).  Our email challenges remedied, we quickly began combing through and listening to all of the great music that Andy had sent us.   Thinning the herd to select a few songs for the broadcast was indeed a chore but we have pulled out some gems that we think will give our listeners a true sense of what the Hawk is all about–great song writing, excellent music and meaningful lyrics.  We are jacked to be featuring songs from of some Andy’s (2) most recent albums Tin Can Town and Here It Is. With a style that is reminiscent of Petty and Dylan, Hawk delivers an original sound that is a true American classic.

3rd Alley alternative California hardcore Leek & the Bouncing Uptones Long Beach Long Beach Records Pretoria punk reggae reviews rock ska Souldier of Fortune South Africa

Everyone Likes a Party!

Our new friends at Longbeach Records released a phenomenal compilation disc Longbeach Records - Big Party 2last year entitled Incredible, Unstoppable Titan of Terror! Big Party 2 that is chock-full of standout performances from bands based here in the US and abroad.  In the “abroad” category we’d be remiss if we did not highlight Leek & the Bouncing Uptones from Pretoria, South Africa as their vibrantLeek and the Bouncing Uptones brand of Ska-core packs more than just a bit of a wallop. You will want to crank up the decibels because these blokes flat out bring it.   The crisp guitars deliver just the right amount of distortion.  The bass is fat.  The horns are perfectly placed. The drums are silly good and the vocals are right on point.  All in all, they deliver a Ska-core sound that is tru dat, showcasing elements of both genres all the while striking the perfect balance that keeps listeners engaged and engrossed.

Souldier of Fortune‘s “Payasso”  is a groovy track featured on the compilation and now is part of Froglix Radio’s Global Broadcast. 3rd Alley dives in as well with “Zim 2007” and “Oh My Janitor” also off of Big Party 2.

alternative reviews Ring of Truth rock United Kingdom unsigned

New Release from the UK's Ring of Truth

Everthing is the Same But in a Different PlaceEverytime a CD arrives here at Froglix we act very much like kids at Christmas who can’t wait to shred the wrapping paper that stands between them and their coveted gifts.   Such was the case with a package we recently received from the UK.  The treasure inside?  Ring of Truth‘s debut disc entitled Everything’s the same but in a different place…and a treasure it truly is.    The old and the new collide beautifully on this disc and treat the listener to an unsullied sound that clearly draws from a variety of sources for inspiration.  Think Midnight Oil meets Echo and the Bunnymen with a bit more edginess or, better yet, English Alt-Rock done right.   Stand out tracks include: “Why Should This Be?”, “Passing of Time”, “A Spanish Hunger” and “Smile”.