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New Music from Two of LBR's Finest…Glue Factory & Part One Tribe

Glue FactoryWe recently received a package from Longbeach Records, the contents of which made our eyes and, eventually, our ears pop out! As we opened the box we found, tucked away inside, a number of new discs for our review from some of the best Third Wave and Punk bands on the planet. We’re still going through it all, but here’s a sampling of what we’ve dug into so far…

84 Day Syndrome, the newest release from Long Beach, CA’s Glue Factory, comes fully equipped with (10) tracks of pure adrenalin that hit harder than a Tyson uppercut. Keep your guard up as GF”s blend of hardcore, punk and rock comes at you fast and furious in a cascading barrage of sound full of ferocity and velocity. This disc flat out rocks.

Obvious As EverFlorida’s Part One Tribe, also on the LBR label, beautifully incorporates their reggae, rock & blues stylings in Obvious As Ever, the band’s most recent full-length CD. After 10 albums (6 studio recordings and 4 live albums) and literally over 1000 performances across the United States, they give true meaning to the words “hardest working band in the business”. You’d think that after a while the bump and grind of the road would take it’s toll…not so for these cats. The tracks on this disc are fresh, original, and full of a soulful vibe that can only be delivered by the Tribe.

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Insisto Lemmini

the_treading_lemmings_blogHistorically, Lemmings have been portrayed in literature and legend as cute, cuddly rodents who like to gather in large groups at the edge of a mighty precipice, only to hurl themselves to their watery deaths. Not an overly flattering picture, I’m afraid, but an excellent metaphor for bands duped by the “majors” into patterning themselves after the “latest and greatest” group being touted by corporate radio (aka the devil). Thankfully, such is not the case with The Treading Lemmings an alt-rock/brit-pop band that hails from Washington, DC. These Lemmings are making their own way in the music world and are doing so with a sound that is creative, energetic and, best of all, pleasantly dissimilar to the mindless droves trying to become the next big emo-punk band.

Drummer Joe Szad and bassist Mr. Mark anchor the band’s compositions with a rhythm section that is strong like bull while Andrew Stainer and Andy Hunt add a world of light and colour to the mix with their exceptional guitar work. Lead singer Chris Quinn’s lyrics are insightful and his voice is as strong and commanding as his stage presence. Together they create a unified sound that resonates with remarkable originality. Froglix is thrilled to get a sneak peak at (3) tracks off their upcoming full-length release Cliff Notes and even more amped to be able to include them as part of our global broadcast. Not only is it ok to follow these Lemmings, it’s highly recommended!


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Island Sounds from Two Hemispheres

Smart ArtistsFroglix welcomes the modern rock sound of Australia’s Smart Artists to the broadcast! These cats from Queensland have developed a strong following down under and are beginning to expand that following around the globe. We’re happy to help spread the word and are keyed up to be featuring (2) tracks, “Inside Moves” and “Annie”, that will appear on their next album, Highway Blonde, scheduled for release later this year.
Cashbook Clique
Next we hip-hop from the Land of Oz to the isle of Jamrock with Cashbook Clique. Their latest single entitled “Galis Caliba” was released as part of a compilation disc from Street of Dreams Records called Ghetto Genesis, Vol II. The confident vocals for Cashbook are provided by Buff Bay’s Dwayne Valentine who conjours up a sound redolent of Shaba and Shaggy with the dead-on timing of JR Gong. The dancehall coming out of the island paradise right now is innovative, imaginative and blends the best traits of the US’ urban hip-hop scene with the colourful island influences that are so prominent in Jamaican music. Valentine and Cashbook Clique are no exception as they deliver a sound that is phat, fresh and full of tropical goodness!


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Sway with the Raya

Raya Nova

listen now…
Sweet Maria :: Yemaya :: Latin Woman (pt.II)

Raya Nova brings their progressive/alt rock sound to Froglix with selections from their freshman release entitled And The Darkness Held Sway… Fashioned after the concept albums made famous in the 1970s, this Berkeley, CA band has assembled a selection of tracks that flow flawlessly from one to another while remaining strong enough to stand alone.

“Blood and Pride” starts off with crisp guitar riffs but soon gives way to lush, chorus laden verses that are wetter than an otter’s pocket and, while I haven’t seen the band live (yet), “Sweet Maria” has got to be a crowd favourite. Its energetic cadence is draped in melodic phrasing that sparkles with originality. The crystal clear vocals and catchy lyrics had me singing along in less than 60 seconds.

Normally, we shy away from tracks that are predominantly instrumental but “Latin Woman (part II)” is so amazing we just had to include it as part of the rotation. Seriously, these cats go off in this one…you have to hear it. “Yemaya”, an upbeat tune with a lively Latin feel, is sure to get the blood pumping and the juices flowing.

Raya Nova delivers a good one with this disc. A word of advice, when you feel the rock/latin riddims grab hold of you (and they will), don’t fight it. Just go with it. You’ll be glad you did.



On the Comeback Trail

Remember the Meat Puppets? Sure you do. Their ever popular song “Backwater” was played on every alternative radio station (remember when they existed?!?!?) in the country back in the ’90s. Then what happened? Well, for starters brothers Cris and Curt Kirkwood fell into a bit of drug problem. Ok…they were addicted to heroin. It was that addiction that ended the band’s run in the 90s.
Overcoming addiction is hard enough, but dealing with the aftermath of a life gone wrong can be equally as challenging. Cris Kirkwood candidly admits that his addiction not only negatively impacted his health, but as a result he also lost his wife and suffered “irreparable blows” to his soul.
Fast forward to present day and we find that the brothers Kirkwood are not only drug free, but they are rocking again having released their 2nd CD in as many years. Rise to Your Knees was released in 2007 and their most recent disc, Sewn Together, just this past May.
With so much negativity surrounding public figures as of late, it’s good to see a band like the Meat Puppets who have the strength and will-power to take these challenges head on and come out on top.
Click the link below to learn more about the Meat Puppets’ return to the music scene…
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Fortune Smiles on Small Towns & Big Sounds

Less than an hour’s drive from Pennsylvania’s state capital of Harrisburg is the quaint hamlet of Mifflintown. Ever heard of it? Neither had we. Not surprising. The total population, according to the last census, numbered less than 1000 people. While Mifflintown may be small town, it’s home to an alternative/acoustic rock band with a big, big sound. The duo of Billy Stoner (Vocals/Acoustic Guitars) and Lew Borhman (Acoustic Guitar/Bass) formed Holloe in the latter part of 2006 with intent of writing and performing original music. They have succeeded. Breaking Down, their debut CD released in April 2009, is a fantastic example of acoustic rock done right–think Fuel meets Days of the New with just a dash of a Lowen & Navaro. Holloe’s music is honest, full of heart, and exhibits a certain earthiness that will ring true with acoustic rock lovers everywhere. The tracks “I Don’t Care” and “Lean” are our pix for the best songs on the album and we are elated to be including them as part of Froglix Radio’s global broadcast.
Louisiana singer/songwriter Francesca joins the broadcast with select tracks from her 2nd studio offering entitled Retune Your Fortune. This disc features (12) tracks of original music that dances between country/western, jazz, and alternative rock. The musicianship on this disc is excellent as musician/producer Buzz Beano mixes mellow acoustic guitars with sitars, saxophones, and strings changing the dynamics of each song so that they are strong enough to stand on their own and yet still work well together. Francesca’s strong vocals and insightful lyrics compliment her song writing which has continued to mature and develop very well with this, her 2nd full length CD.
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Holloe Francesca

Welcome to the froglix radio blog!

Welcome to the froglix radio blog! Look forward to announcements, news, reviews and more!


Froglix Radio Launches

Washington, DC (July 4, 2009) – Froglix Radio began transmitting via the worldwide web at midnight with around-the-clock, commercial-free programming that features music from independent and unsigned global artists. More than two dozen artists from seven countries are represented in the inaugural broadcast.
“Froglix is now and always will be about the music,” said Chris Campbell, co-founder and President. “We are excited and honoured to be able to do our part in promoting an indie music scene that continues to expand around the world and are committed to providing all who tune in to Froglix the opportunity to hear some of the best music on the planet.”
While the station’s primary focus will always be that of broadcasting music, Froglix will also bring indie music news and information from around the world into one central location, making it easier for fans to stay in touch with the “goings on” of an ever expanding global music scene. A playlist that is expanding weekly, monthly on-demand podcasts, album reviews, special broadcast events, live performances and interviews with up and coming artists will greatly enhance Froglix’s ability to make a positive impact in the indie music community.
“Being passionate about what you do is critical to accomplishing your goals,” Campbell went on to say, “but talent, dedication and commitment also have to enter the equation to truly make a difference. We are fortunate in that we have assembled a team here at Froglix Radio that embodies all of those qualities.”