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The Stone Roses self-titled debut  album was released in the Spring of 1989 and although the track featured in the video above was not on it, there were quite a number other of notable tracks including, but not limited to, “I Wanna Be Adored” and “She Bangs the Drum.” Classics one and all. The album received critical acclaim and there are many today (including yours truly) who still consider it to be one the best British albums ever released.

Founding members Ian Brown and John Squire had finally broken through and had nothing but an open road ahead…that is until they  entered into a nasty dispute with their then record company, Silvertone Records.   Finally, after trip through the British courts, the band emerged victorious and began work on their second and final album. Second Coming was released in 1994 and it too had it’s share of memorable tracks…but none more so than “Love Spreads.” There are plenty of “Manchester purists” out there who would argue “Fools Gold” was band’s crowning achievment.  I, however, would respectfully disagree.

It’s somewhat surprising to think that The Stone Roses only released (2) albums before disbanding in 1996 for, you guessed it, artistic differences.  Even so, in the short time these cats were together they put out some seriously good music.  Have groovy Friday my friends…

– Drago

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  • Brian 2011.06.10 at 10.46 am

    I could not agree more with your assessment of this group and the utter disappointment of their breakup over differences on their musical medium. Thank you for posting this!

  • Quinn 2011.06.10 at 4.58 pm

    I thought the second album cast an incredibly tiny shadow next to it’s predecessor. This was a great song, if too long and Fool’s Gold was exactly that. I think Ten Story Love Song is the only one from the second album that could have fit seamlessly on the first and that is my test. The first album was a moment in time, lightning in a bottle…It comes along once in a lifetime and remains one of my DID’s.


    • Drago 2011.06.10 at 7.03 pm

      We most assuredly have an accord, Mr. Quinn, in regards to which album was superior. #1 was truly magical…no argument there.

  • shelagh 2011.06.21 at 7.31 am

    Shoot You Down…with the classic lyrics, “I’d love to do it and you know you’ve always had it coming,” is my favorite Stone Roses song. Good flashback. Beats the stuffing out of Lisa Lisa Cult Jam any day!


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