Jun 232010

artist: Mobile Wash Unit
genre: electronica | alternative
label: Astrea

listen now…
Jump Down :: September Was Winter

Mobile Wash Unit, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, have issued their debut album, Tent, on Astrea Records.  While nearly everything on it clicks, I strongly recommend two songs, “Jump Down” and “September Was Winter.” There’s nothing terribly complicated happening, but both  songs are  super catchy and go down easily.

“Jump Down” offers a pulsing, reggae-tinged electro-beat with a megaphone-effect vocal.  “September Was Winter” has chiming guitars and an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark feel especially when the chorus rolls around.  “How can we convince you to stay?” implores singer Andy Snyder.  Since you asked, I’ll tell you – create some more songs like these and I’m liable to ask if I can sleep on your couch for a week or two.

Check out Mobile Wash Unit – because every summer needs a soundtrack.

– Thurdeen


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