Vandalism and Its Finest

artist: Damn Vandals :: genre: alternative | rock :: label: unsigned

Cocaine Love :: Union Jack Boxes

April showers bring May flowers but what do May flowers bring?  Damn VandalsJack Kansas (vox), Frank Pick (guitar), Adam Kilemore Gardens (aka THE ANVIL – bass) and Chris Christianson (drums) make up this talented quartet.  Hailing from the Big Smoke (that’s London for the Yanks out there) the story goes that these cats met via an online forum for graffiti artists and, after “collaborating on a project”, got busted and had to complete (500) hours of community service as a penalty…or is it rehabilitation.  It matters not as it’s quite apparent that the Brits don’t look kindly on that type of artistic expression either.  Regardless of how it all started, I imagine if they keep putting out music like this, I dare say it could end quite well for these blokes as their haunting vocals paired with Echo-like guitar phrasing makes for a very intriguing mix indeed.  ‘Cocaine Love’ and ‘Union Jack Boxes’ (available for listen here and as part of our global broadcast) are just (2) of the tracks featured on band’s upcoming Sexy Beast disc that is scheduled to drop next Tuesday, May 25.  Needless to say we are quite honored to be entrusted with a sneak peak and wait on baited breath for our chance to listen the rest of their newest album in it’s entirety.

– Drago

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