The Perfect Day

artist: The Canon Logic | genre: alternative, rock | label: unsigned

Hearing “Avenue of Criminals,” the free single download from The Canon Logic, reminds me of those perfect days in life.  You wake up, get dressed for work and remember it’s Saturday, so you head back to bed for another three hours.  Later, you head to the store for some grub and get the last glazed donut and the coffee’s fresh.  The cashier you’ve been secretly lusting after for months finally smiles and says hello and when you rummage for the $5 you left the house with, you find a washed and tightly folded $20 in your back pocket.

How great would any one of those be?  But all of them, in one day?  Yes, yes, yes, and YES.  If every day was like that, I’d have to start a blog and take pictures, because no one would believe me.

But believe me now when I say “Avenue of Criminals” is worth your time.  It has a chorus The Killers would, uh, kill for, and it breezes along with sweet interplay between guitar and piano.  I love how the guitar falls away at the 2:20 mark, leaving the piano and the drums and singer Tim Kiely’s voice.  There’s an urgency and a passion in its structure and, at less than four minutes, it leaves me wanting more.

I’ve had it on repeat for an hour and I must say, I’m feeling good about the rest of my day.

Thanks, The Canon Logic, it’s just what I needed.

– Thurdeen

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  • DMitch 2010.08.20 at 5.29 pm

    I saw their “Dead Man” video a few days ago and was totally hooked by this band. I’m so happy I could hear “Avenue of Criminals” now too. I have a feeling I’m gonna like pretty much anything they do.


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