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genre: reggae
label: unsigned


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Champagne Craving :: I’ll Never Love Again :: Time To Rise

From Roots to Rocksteady, Dancehall to Dub, reggae, like many genres of music, comes in a variety of flavours….and I dig them all.  Admittedly, I was a bit late to the reggae party with my first exposure not coming until my senior year of high school when a friend “made” me listen ‘Ganja Smuggling’ by Eek A Mouse.  I was blown away…and I was hooked both simultaneously and instantaneously.  Ever since that fateful day, many moons ago, I have sought out and listened to a myriad of reggae artists from around the world.  Am I an expert?  No.  How about an aficionado?  Hardly.  I am simply a fan who, after countless listening hours, has developed a true love and appreciation for reggae music.  After first hearing Diversifyd my initial thought was that these cats could easily hold their own and then some with any of the top acts in the reggae world today.  This talented ensemble’s most recent studio effort, Emotional Rollercoaster, boasts smoothe jazz phrasing, soulful R&B vocals all tucked nicely inside a roots wrapper.  The strong melodic component evident in Diversifyd’s compositions are brilliantly complimented by warm harmonies that magically dance between the lyrics, creating an even more vibrant auditory experience.  The arrangements are solid, the dynamics crisp, the performance choice and the sound production excellent.  Jump in and check it out .

– Drago

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  • Henry 2010.02.18 at 3.11 pm

    These guys are very talented in what they do, from vocals to musicianship. They’re what you call the “Whole Package”

    Much blessings to Diversifyd!


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