52 Songs of Sacha Sacket

artist: Sacha Sacket
genre: singer/songwriter | indie-pop
label: Golden Sphinx Records

listen now…
Breed :: Colin :: Chalk

Sacha Sacket has launched a most ambitious venture entitled The Viscera Project.  The plan is to release one new song every week for 52 weeks.  The project commenced June 1 with “Breed” and the most recent song, “Colin” dropped this week.  Four weeks, four songs = kudos, well done, etc.  But really, how’s it going? 

This guy writes sneaky good songs, like “Colin,” which showcases Sacket’s strong voice, complete with falsetto flourishes and a piano accompaniment.  The songs are sneaky because I thought, guy with a piano and a great vocal range, I’ve heard this before, a bunch of times.  But “Colin” grabbed me right away and when it ended, I wished it was a bit longer. 

Last week’s offering, “Chalk,” starts slowly and quietly but soon takes off, building in intensity before gliding to a quiet finish.  The celesta makes the song as great as it is.  Yeah, I didn’t know what a celesta was either when I read Sacha’s notes.  It’s a musical instrument consisting principally of a set of graduated steel plates struck with hammers that are activated by a keyboard. 

Dear Mr. Sacket:

More celesta, please.

Keep track of this LA boy’s progress at sachasacket.com.  I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

– Thurdeen

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