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artist: MasSicker | genre: dancehall, reggae | label: unsigned

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Look Around :: New Millennium Rasta :: Mek Dem Gwaan

As  part of reggae’s next generation, MasSicker (aka King Mas) draws upon a myriad of influences en route to a melodic sound that blends the best dancehall, roots and hip hop.   His rhythmic lyrics are set against an urban backdrop of beats that are complimented by a sprinkling of guitars, keys, synths and, of course, phat bass lines.  You’re going to want to turn the low end EQ up along with the volume to get truly experience the feel of MasSicker’s music, especially if you are in the car and have speakers that are halfway decent.  One piece of advice…don’t fight it.  Bass up, lean back and enjoy the ride.


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  • Jesper 2015.11.24 at 10.14 pm

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