Let the face melting begin…

artist: Toykult
album: Narcisstika
genre: electronica | alternative | rock
label: unsigned

listen now: Eyes of Vin Diesel :: Super Cleaner

It’s unclear when Montreal’s Tom Hamlyn lost his mind.  One could hazard a guess that it happened while he was back in his native England studying art in Birmingham but no one really knows and I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure.  However, I, for one, am just glad he did for had he not we may never have had the chance to experience his brainchild, better known as Toykult.  This latest release, 2010’s Narcisstika, delivers pulsating electronica coupled with stellar alt-rock underpinnings and a healthy dose of of bottomless bass thrown in for good measure and, in all the right places, I might add.  Notable tracks include “Eyes of Vin Diesel”, “Super Cleaner” and “Automatic Addict” (video above) but all are deserving of a listen.

**This just in…for a limited time you can download NARCISSTIKA and Toykult’s previous release, SOW LOCO, for free (160kbps) just for subscribing to the mailing list.  Here’s the link…http://www.toykult.com/music/music.html!**

– Drago

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