Thurdeen Digz Kidneythieves

artist: Kidneythieves
genre: alternative, industrial, rock
label: unsigned

Some things just work well together. Peanut butter and jelly, waffles and ice cream, Goobers and popcorn. Perhaps I shouldn’t have skipped dinner. Regardless, listening to Kidneythieves (one word, thank you), makes me think of successful combos. Kidneythieves write loud and pulsing songs, but songs that, at their heart, are simple sing-a-longs. They are songs you take with you on road trips or to the gym, songs you scream along with and quickly learn the words to. Hearing Kidneythieves is like walking through a driving rainstorm with a giant umbrella. There’s chaos all around, but it’s exciting, refreshing and, yes, likeable.

Lead singer Free Dominguez sings with an intensity reminiscent of Pat Benatar and the best parts of Veruca Salt. The music, thanks mostly to guitarist Bruce Somers, grinds along with cool dashes of industrial guitar and a steady pounding. Songs from their latest album, Trypt0fanatic, include ‘Lick U Clean’ (oooh, randy! I like it), ‘Jude (Be Somebody)’ and ‘Freeky People’. Their music takes you to the edge of the cliff and the choruses push you over that edge.

Check out their MySpace page ( and their site ( to learn more. Kidneythieves – I love the name. Check it out.

– Thurdeen

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  • Drago 2011.02.17 at 4.44 am

    I took Thurdeen’s advice and gave these cats a listen and, while the name creeps me out a bit, their music is quite good. I actually went back and listened to some of their old(er) stuff as well. Check out the video for “Zerospace” on YouTube…


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