Goldrat = Duncan

artist: GoldRat
genre: punk | rock
label: unsigned

listen now…
The Judas Cow :: Insert Name Here :: Supply, Demand, Entertain

There’s a scene in the John Hughes classic “Some Kind of Wonderful,” where wannabe-artist Eric Stoltz (Keith) purposely puts himself in detention in a misguided attempt to bag Lea Thompson (Amanda). Rather than canoodling with her, Stoltz finds he’s been thrown in with the unruliest element in school.  “Is this…detention?”  He asks upon arrival.  “Actually, it’s your mother’s house…and we’re all having a party,” replies head goon, Elias Koteas (Duncan).  Not the best of starts, but the boys soon bond over art, as it turns out Duncan has some sketching mojo.  They become friends and eventually Duncan rides in and saves the day.  Order is restored; Keith ends up with the much hotter drummer girl, the music swells and…scene.

GoldRat are Duncan.  The UK band might lead with fast, pulsing guitars and barbed lyrics, but they’re not only about rage, chaos and disenchantment.  Hearing the trio of offerings on their myspace page,, each has a great melody and a relentless, yet relaxed vibe that took me by surprise.  “Insert Name Here” pounds along until about the two minute mark, where there’s a momentary time change before retreating back to the original melody.  My favorite is “The Judas Cow,” with its mantra of “you say it’s nothing personal, but it’s always personal” that gives way to the chorus.  “Supply, Demand, Entertain” starts with a clip of Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman and goes into a guitar and drum interplay and a demand of “I want entertainment.”

Give a listen to GoldRat and remember, like our hero Keith discovered, there’s more to life than what’s on the surface.

– Thurdeen

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  • Drago 2010.07.29 at 10.58 pm

    Judas Cow is my favourite as well…mos def.

  • villain 2010.10.24 at 12.11 am

    this awesome!


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