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artist: Eureka Stockade | genre: alt-rock | label: Cracking Tunes

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Eureka Stockade

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Without You    Violence

I had to do some double checking of things with Eureka Stockade. For example, are they really from Cambridge? The one in England?? I have to say, the sound is quite American to me. The pedal steel guitar playing a prominent role in “Without You” does make me think Nashville. And other tracks like “Violence” and “All Alone” made me seriously wonder if they could be from Athens, Georgia. I actually did double check….it’s still Cambridge, England.

And with tracks titled “All Alone”, “Without You”, and “Through Every Darkness”, one might be afraid these could be country-western songs where you lost your job, your wife, and worst of all your dog. Don’t worry; they aren’t. Eureka Stockade is a solid four piece, delivering vocally driven, well-crafted, alt-rock tunes with a decent range of different sounds. “Without You”, with that pedal steel guitar is a masterful acoustic ballad and really is a bit country. “Violence” is on the other end of their spectrum, being more Athens-inspired rock. If you like both of these tracks, then you should be happy with everything in between.

– DMitch

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  • shelagh 2011.06.21 at 7.24 am

    I like it. Reminds me of if the cure (early 80s) had a baby with REM (early 80s). Two of my favorites 😀

    • DMitch 2011.06.21 at 10.38 am

      Shelagh… my sentiments exactly!

  • Andy Brown 2011.06.25 at 11.49 am

    Thanks for the nice comments guys! I’ll take a comparison to The Cure and REM anyday…both legends. Thanks to Froglix for the great revire too! (I’m Andy from the band)

  • Andy Brown 2011.06.25 at 11.55 am

    Duuh.. that was meant to read “thanks for the great review” 🙂


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