A Kut Above

The Kut_playingWe first heard about The Kut a few weeks ago from Sharon Charabi at Criminal Records, an indie record label on the rise in the UK.  Sharon had previously introduced Froglix to The Exits, another excellent English band on the same label earlier this year.  After some good natured  poking and prodding by yours truly, she was kind enough to give us a sneak peak at a couple of  A-side tracks from The Kut which are scheduled to be released “officially” next month…October 12th to be exact.  My first reaction after listening to “Doesn’t Matter Anyway” and “Closure” was “Wow.  I have to play these songs on Froglix!”  But, alas, I had to exhibit some patience while awaiting the final mix downs.  Thankfully, we’ve just recently been given the green light to include both songs as part of our global broadcast and are honoured to be able to share them with the Froglix faithful around the world!

The talented trio of Maha (Vox/Lead Guitar), Elvira (Bass) and Jade (Drums/Samples) lay down a matchless melodic vibe that oozes edginess and attitude from every pore.  If you’re looking for the 2nd of coming of The Go Go’s…keep looking because being an all-female ensemble is where the similarities with the aforementioned group end.  However, if you are in search of a true rock band and not a pop band trying to sound like one, then look no further because the Kut is just that…a rock band and a damn good one.   Take a listen and you’ll hear a myriad of alternative and indie influences all bonded together in a tight little package affixed with a nice red bow…or, perhaps, a shiny piece of barbwire may be more appropriate for The Kut!


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