Yawn…It’s The Strokes

Judging by the tens of millions of plays that these cats get on Spotify…someone (actually a bunch of someones) digs The Strokes.  Regrettably, however, I am just not one of those someones.   Try as I might I just don’t get this band and, more to the point, I just don’t like this band.  I marginally enjoyed “Last Nite” from 2001’s Is This It and by marginally” I mean I hated it least compared to their other songs.  

Source: Watch The Strokes’ video for “Threat of Joy”

The Strokes have unveiled the music video for “Threat of Joy”.

The vid, directed by Warren Fu, begins with a special agent stealing footage from the band’s “OBLIVIUS” video, followed by a message flashing up on screen that reads: “Due to circumstances we are not at liberty to discuss, we are unable to present the music video for ‘OBLIVIUS.’ Instead, please enjoy a special presentation of the Strokes in…‘Threat of Joy.’”

The band perform the track from their Future Present Past EP in a studio as men with guns secure the premises while men in pig masks try to steal more footage. Crikey!

Watch it below.

Words by David Huxley.

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