The Lemmings Speaketh

In a recent interview with Master Seven Records’ Tom Beninate, Quinn and Andj from The Treading Lemmings discuss everything from their latest album Cliff Notes to the impact of the internet and social media has had on promoting their music.  It’s entertaining, insightful and a good read.

Click here for the full interview.

– Drago

P.S.  The Lemmings are live at The Axum Lounge in Washington, DC tomorrow night!

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  • DMitch 2011.02.26 at 2.02 pm

    The interview was a very interesting read. You could hold a week long symposium debating the future of radio, record labels and the place indie bands play in that changing world. Clearly everything from revenue sources, marketing and promotion, relationships with fans, etc. is all changing.

    I’m always fascinated to hear about all that from the perspective of people in the thick of it, especially for several years, and have seen all the changes first hand.


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