Reminiscing about Elkland and Discovering The Drums

artist: The Drums | genre: indie pop | label: unsigned | [itunes link=”″ title=”The Drums”]

I just had a bit of a “where are they now” moment. Back in 2005 I went to see Erasure at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. A band called Elkland opened the show and it turned out to be one of the most entertaining opening acts I’ve ever seen. I’ve never personally witnessed a stage presence quite like lead singer Jonny Pierce’s before or since. I went home and got their album, enjoyed listening to it, always smiling as I thought about that show.

Fast forward almost 6 years… about a week ago I was out driving one evening and I put my iPod on random and up pops Elkland. I immediately remembered that concert and smiled. I got home and I searched to see what they were doing now only to find out that Elkland fizzled away shortly after that 2005 tour. But out of those ashes came The Drums. The Jonny Pierce sound is distinct and you instantly recognize it in both bands; but, while Elkland was quite keyboard-laden electro-pop, The Drums are just guitar (Jacob Graham and Tom Haslow), drums (Connor Hanwick) and vox (Jonny Pierce). And although both have a very 80’s feel to them, The Drums pull off a much more fresh and current sound. So if you ever heard Elkland (or Goat Explosion, an even earlier incarnation), then you need to check out The Drums. In fact, you should check out The Drums regardless.

OK… yes I know… I’m 5 years late to the show.

– DMitch

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  • Drago 2011.03.04 at 10.38 am

    Pierce’s voice reminds me of the cat that was the lead singer for XTC back in the day…albeit a little more high pitched. I actually dig these blokes…but that #16 shirt ain’t fooling anybody. No way that dude is going to be mistaken for Joe Montana!


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