On the Comeback Trail

Remember the Meat Puppets? Sure you do. Their ever popular song “Backwater” was played on every alternative radio station (remember when they existed?!?!?) in the country back in the ’90s. Then what happened? Well, for starters brothers Cris and Curt Kirkwood fell into a bit of drug problem. Ok…they were addicted to heroin. It was that addiction that ended the band’s run in the 90s.

Overcoming addiction is hard enough, but dealing with the aftermath of a life gone wrong can be equally as challenging. Cris Kirkwood candidly admits that his addiction not only negatively impacted his health, but as a result he also lost his wife and suffered “irreparable blows” to his soul.

Fast forward to present day and we find that the brothers Kirkwood are not only drug free, but they are rocking again having released their 2nd CD in as many years. Rise to Your Knees was released in 2007 and their most recent disc, Sewn Together, just this past May.

With so much negativity surrounding public figures as of late, it’s good to see a band like the Meat Puppets who have the strength and will-power to take these challenges head on and come out on top.

Click the link below to learn more about the Meat Puppets’ return to the music scene…


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