I’ll Be Your Maniac

We were first introduced to The Kut back in 2009 by our friends at Criminal Records and were immediately smitten.  Since that time (starting with A Kut Above) this London-based power trio has been the subject of several posts over the years.  Naturally, we were pleased to learn that, while we were out, The Kut has stayed the course and kept right on trucking.

The video featured above, “I Want You Maniac”, is the first of four tracks from their April 2015 EP entitled Rock Paper Scissors...and, in case you were wondering, rock won.  The dark, gritty nature of the video is the perfect backdrop for the driving melodies and haunting harmonies.

“Alekhine’s Gun” pairs some inventive guitar work and syncopated rhythms with a healthy dose of dissonant angst and unbridled ferocity.  Honestly, it’s not my favourite track but I dig the concept.  The driving power chords that usher in both “I Don’t Need Therapy” and “Bad Man” captured my attention from the get-go and kept me engaged for the duration.  These tunes actually reminded me a bit of what Hole might have sounded like if they had actually had any talent…but I digress.

The Kut’s Hollywood Rock ‘n Roll Tour kicked off in jolly ole London Town on July 1st and continues throughout the summer at a variety of venues in the UK.  Judging my their energetic vids I can only imagine what their live show is like…I bet it’s awesome.  You can check out all of the tour dates via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thekut,

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