Froglix Radio Launches

Washington, DC (July 4, 2009) – Froglix Radio began transmitting via the worldwide web at midnight with around-the-clock, commercial-free programming that features music from independent and unsigned global artists. More than two dozen artists from seven countries are represented in the inaugural broadcast.

“Froglix is now and always will be about the music,” said Chris Campbell, co-founder and President. “We are excited and honoured to be able to do our part in promoting an indie music scene that continues to expand around the world and are committed to providing all who tune in to Froglix the opportunity to hear some of the best music on the planet.”

While the station’s primary focus will always be that of broadcasting music, Froglix will also bring indie music news and information from around the world into one central location, making it easier for fans to stay in touch with the “goings on” of an ever expanding global music scene. A playlist that is expanding weekly, monthly on-demand podcasts, album reviews, special broadcast events, live performances and interviews with up and coming artists will greatly enhance Froglix’s ability to make a positive impact in the indie music community.

“Being passionate about what you do is critical to accomplishing your goals,” Campbell went on to say, “but talent, dedication and commitment also have to enter the equation to truly make a difference. We are fortunate in that we have assembled a team here at Froglix Radio that embodies all of those qualities.”

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