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Back from the Dreads

The resurrection continues!  Your friends at Froglix are pleased to announce the re-launch of our channel dedicated to all things reggae!  Dubs & Dreads is available once again for your listening pleasure via Spotify. Click here to tune into an eclectic mix of cool vibrations from all around the world guaranteed to warm the soul. Enjoy!

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More Marley Music

So let’s see…Stephen “Ragga” Marley’s first album, Mind Control  was released in March 2007 to critical acclaim and topped it all off by winning the Grammy for Best Reggae Album.   Mind Control Acoustic was released the following year and it too won Best Reggae Album…as did 2011’s Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life, which also currently enjoys a 5 start rating on…

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Drowners :: On Desire

In case you missed it, the NYC based post-punk quartet Drowners released their 2nd full-length studio effort this past June on Frenchkiss Records…and…it’s freaking good.  On Desire is a solid follow up release to their self-titled debut album (also on Frenchkiss) and picks up right where that one left off.  “Cruel Ways” featured above is just of one of what I would expect…

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The Strokes

Yawn…It’s The Strokes

Judging by the tens of millions of plays that these cats get on Spotify…someone (actually a bunch of someones) digs The Strokes.  Regrettably, however, I am just not one of those someones.   Try as I might I just don’t get this band and, more to the point, I just don’t like this band.  I marginally enjoyed “Last Nite” from 2001’s…

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I’ll Be Your Maniac

We were first introduced to The Kut back in 2009 by our friends at Criminal Records and were immediately smitten.  Since that time (starting with “A Kut Above“) this London-based power trio has been the subject of several posts over the years.  Naturally, we were pleased to learn that, while we were out, The Kut has stayed the course and kept right on…

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it's alive

Welcome to the Resurrection

When Froglix first launched back on July 4, 2009 we had but one simple mantra…to provide all who dared to tune in a chance to experience some of the best music on the planet.  Today, it is that very same mantra fuels our restoration. We are happy to announce that the hiatus is over and while we’ve made few changes and improvements, at our core, Froglix…

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