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Jump Back :: The Week in Review

Patrons of Punk re-embraced a re-post of an article written a few weeks back…before the meltdown…about a band from Phoenix called Moovalya. I felt a bit bad as it was our technical difficulties that caused the article to disappear for a bit. More post-hardcore punk followed on Tuesday  with Thurdeen’s review of Sleep City’s debut EP entitled Still Breathing.  News…

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Thurdeen Digz Kidneythieves

artist: Kidneythieves genre: alternative, industrial, rock label: unsigned Some things just work well together. Peanut butter and jelly, waffles and ice cream, Goobers and popcorn. Perhaps I shouldn’t have skipped dinner. Regardless, listening to Kidneythieves (one word, thank you), makes me think of successful combos. Kidneythieves write loud and pulsing songs, but songs that, at their heart, are simple sing-a-longs.…

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Let the face melting begin…

artist: Toykult album: Narcisstika genre: electronica | alternative | rock label: unsigned listen now: Eyes of Vin Diesel :: Super Cleaner It’s unclear when Montreal’s Tom Hamlyn lost his mind.  One could hazard a guess that it happened while he was back in his native England studying art in Birmingham but no one really knows and I doubt we’ll ever…

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Superstitious Puppets = ATL’s AnimalFilter

Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed genes from Stevie Wonder with those of Trent Reznor?  No? Just me?  Here’s the rub…You take (2) quintessential icons down into the basement of a secret government lab, extract DNA from them, mix it all up in a beaker and what would you get?  Atlanta’s AnimalFilter.  More specifically, you would get AF doing…

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Lunatics and Freaks

The whacked-out rollercoaster ride that is CrimsonFaced rumbles its way into the broadcast with tracks from Captain Freak and Lunatic Binge.

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