May 312011

In selecting the Flashback this week, I enlisted the assistance of my esteemed colleague Thurdeen and in my humble (but accurate) opinion he has made an excellent choice.  Today your friends at Froglix bring you a track from the pre-industrial/synth-pop stylings of Al Jorgenson and Ministry. The year was 1983 and the song…“Revenge” from their debut album entitled With Sympathy [Arista Records] . Happy Tuesday everyone!

– Drago


Feb 022011

artist: Mark Munroe | genre: alternative, rock | itunes: ”[object

Secrets and Lies

Word has recently reached our ears that brothers Mark and Ian Munroe (better known as IM Munroe) have decided to make a musical split.  While we’re not sure exactly why they have decided to go their separate ways, as anyone who has been in a band can attest, “artistic differences” can usually be fingered as the culprit.  Regardless of the reason, we certainly appreciate their music and were honoured to have been given the chance to share it with the Froglix Faithful around the world.

So where to do they go from here?  Well, we are pleased to report that at least one of the Monroe’s is already back at it and recording new music on his own.  Mark’s newest single entitled ‘Secrets and Lies’ explores new areas of sound as he pairs his undeniably unique vocals with more electronic instrumentation than we’ve heard before.  The synths are by no means overwhelming and while they do create a mood than is noticeably different than his previous work with brother Ian, the change is indeed an interesting one and definitely worth a listen.

– Drago

Jan 052011

listen/download now: OuterSound :: January 2011

We couldn’t very well let January come to a close without an OuterSound Indie Music Podcast could we?  Absolutely, not…so here it is.  This, our very first episode of 2011, is dedicate to the winners of this year’s Froglix Music Awards (aka The Froggy).  Music from Treading Lemmings, Diversifyd, Attention Thieves  along with the general meanderings of yours truly await you at iTunes.  Download it today…don’t cost nothing and it’s chock full O’ goodness!

Make 2011 the  year you rock out loud!

Dec 312010

As 2010 comes to a close, naturally, we tend to reflect on the year that was…and what a year it’s been here at Froglix!  We’ve made a number of technical upgrades and changes, incorporated more video content into our postings and last (but certainly not least) we’ve welcomed our good friend Thurdeen to the Froglix fold as our newest writer.  Further, and most importantly, we have been introduced to a bevy of talented musicians from around the world all striving for the same goal…to have their voices and their music heard by a global audience.  We consider it an honour to have been able to play even a small part in making that happen.  It has truly been a tremendous year in indie music and we are looking forward to what we are sure will be an incredible 2011 with great anticipation.  However, before we jump ahead, we would be remiss if we were not to take one more look back at the year that was and offer up our own “best of.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a distinct honour, nay a privilege, to present the First Annual Froglix Music Awards!  Winners of this year’s “Froggy” awards have been selected by the listeners and readers with input for DMitch, Thurdeen and myself, of course.  With a year filled with so much excellent music it was indeed difficult to narrow it down…but with no more gilding the lily or anymore adieu I give the winners!

Treading Lemmings

Artist of the Year | Album of the Year

Small City Calling

Best Indie Pop Artist or Group | EP of the Year
Song of the Year (Castaways)

The Sky Life

Best Alternative Artist or Group

Killer Godzilla

Best Alt-Rock Artist or Group


Best Ambient/Electronica Artist or Group


Best Punk/Hardcore Artist or Group

Attention Thieves

Best Grunge/Hard Rock Artist or Group


Best Reggae Artist or Group

Rude City Riot

Best Ska Artist or Group

Sacha Sacket

Best Singer/Songwriter

Nov 082010

Britain’s Capelle will be crossing the Atlantic in 2011 for their first North American tour and not only will the lads be jamming their way across the fruited plains but they’ll also be recording the entire trip for a TV series!  Wanna get Capelle to play for you?  No problem…just get a couple hundred of your closest friends together and they’d be happy to oblige!  For more info be sure to visit them on the web at and if they are playing anywhere near your town you’ll definitely want to check them out!

– Drago

Aug 252010

artist: Miss Geo & The Metrics
genre: indie pop, electronic
album: The Story
label: unsigned

listen now
Snake Soiree :: Hooked :: The Story

download now

2009’s The Story by Miss Geo & The Metrics is DIY done right.  Eight (8) long months of recording in basements and, apparently, warehouses has produced an indie-pop album that holds its own against any of the overly compressed/pathologically polished drones force fed to the masses by corporate radio…that’s a good thing, in case you were wondering :-).  The indie-pop hooks in songs like “Snake Soiree” (my personal fav) are catchy but not campy as Abby Gutierrez’s (aka Miss Geo) vocals create an element of warmth that surrounds imaginative lyrics sprung from a fertile mind.  The opening guitar riff in “Hooked” waxes a bit Depeche Mode-ish but from there the track takes on a life very much it’s own.  All in all, debut or not, Miss Geo and her merry maidens have put forth a strong showing with this disc and the word on their street is that they are back in the studio recording a follow up.  We’re not sure exactly when it’s scheduled to drop but we expect/hope it will before 2010 is in the history books.

– Drago


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