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Jump Back :: The Week in Review

Patrons of Punk re-embraced a re-post of an article written a few weeks back…before the meltdown…about a band from Phoenix called Moovalya. I felt a bit bad as it was our technical difficulties that caused the article to disappear for a bit. More post-hardcore punk followed on Tuesday¬† with Thurdeen’s review of Sleep City’s debut EP entitled Still Breathing.¬† News…

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Getting Frenched Feels So Good

artist: Kesshin | genre: alternative, punk, rock | label: unsigned Kesshin are a three piece hailing from Paris who sing in English and whose music has been featured in the video game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. They play fast, feature shouted vocals and thick, chunky guitars that remind me of early Green Day, Social Distortion and Bad Religion. A new…

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