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artist: Kesshin | genre: alternative, punk, rock | label: unsigned

Kesshin are a three piece hailing from Paris who sing in English and whose music has been featured in the video game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. They play fast, feature shouted vocals and thick, chunky guitars that remind me of early Green Day, Social Distortion and Bad Religion.

A new EP, For Too Long Now, is available and offers fantastic tracks like Young, Brilliant and Alone” (I didn’t realize my middle school days had inspired a song), which clearly invites the Green Day comparison, but the stomping rhythm and the way they stumble into the chorus makes it Kesshin’s own. I love the power of their songs. They are tight and sound terribly confident on Final Report, which was in my face immediately. I loved the way the song gets to a point where it’s just the singer and the bass, then the drums come roaring in again. The best thing about “A Thing Or Two” is when they double track the singer’s voice. It’s almost like they have to do that, since the band is playing such blistering stuff behind him. The rapid-fire attack of the guitars in “Killed In Action” make it their best song.

Kesshin are a bit of a mystery, however. Unsigned, they don’t have a dedicated site and I wasn’t able to find any upcoming tour dates. Too bad, as I’ll I bet they are sick live. The only place I could find their music was at their mypace page,, where you can hear the songs from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and a bunch more. I need more information on Kesshin, because what I’ve heard is really, really good.

– Thurdeen


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  • DMitch 2011.03.10 at 10.14 am

    This is the second French band I know of primarily through a video game. The other is Astonvilla (who I also really like), who was on one of the FIFA video game soundtracks.

    I agree with you, I’d love to hear the “Killed In Action” guitar work live. I’m sure they’d blow the doors off the joint.


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