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Drago’s interest in underground radio began as a loyal listener of 99.1FM WHFS, Washington DC’s original alternative radio station. The blend of iconic DJs and an eclectic mix of music offered by “HFS” shaped the foundation of his approach to radio programming.  An accomplished musician himself, Drago was the front man/guitarist for DC bands Big Angry, Proudfoot, Sleestax and Kingman Reef. In May 2008, he joined GroundWaves.fm as the Chief Operating Officer and was an integral part of that station’s resurrection and return to the airwaves after a 2 ½ year hiatus.

The launch of Froglix Radio represents a new and exciting challenge, one he embraces with energy, enthusiasm, excitement and, most importantly, a deep appreciation for indie music both here in the US and around the world.

A few weeks before Froglix’s inaugural launch, DMitch received a one line e-mail from Drago that simply said, “How would you feel about creating a website…like say an online, indie radio station?”  Thrilled by the prospect of crafting a site dedicated to something he has always had a passion for, discovering and listening to great new music, he jumped right in and got to work. An accomplished web developer and fueled by an excitement to fashion a venue for sharing these musical treasures with the rest of the world, DMitch works tirelessly to ensure that Froglix delivers on its mission to bring all who visit the best indie music the world has to offer.

For as long as he can remember, Thurdeen’s life has been filled with music.  His earliest memories were trips in the car while AM radio played.  A few years later he began waking up early on Sunday mornings to fill out the music club insert in the paper, praying his parents would let him join.  “Twelve albums for a penny!  That’s a good deal!”  Never happened.  His neighborhood friends and he would have rock quizzes – first one to ten was the winner.  Sample question:  Name seven songs from The Rolling Stones “Tattoo You.”  Any money he had was spent on music and he spent hours dubbing tapes from friends. 

Aside from the dubbing tapes part, not much has changed.  Having progressed from 8 Tracks to vinyl to tapes to cds to downloads, music remains Thurdeen’s passion and he’s thrilled to be part of Froglix.

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