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Johnny Go Skaspot

genre: Power Ska label: Skaspot Records listen now… Imposter Man Same Old Story From the untamed wilderness that is the Pacific Northwest comes a gift…and a marvelous gift it is indeed.  No, it’s not amateur video footage of Sasquatch doing the Macarena (although that would obviously rock).  It’s better.  Much better.  Those crazy ska-nucks, Rude City Riot, recently released a…

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When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

artist: The Boxer Rebellion album: Union It’s the type of advice grandmothers give, the type of advice that doesn’t seem to make much sense when you receive it.  It mostly sounds like someone trying to soften the damage after you’ve had your ass handed to you.  Perhaps that’s how London’s The Boxer Rebellion felt when Poptones, the label that carried…

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Vandalism and Its Finest

artist: Damn Vandals :: genre: alternative | rock :: label: unsigned Cocaine Love :: Union Jack Boxes April showers bring May flowers but what do May flowers bring?  Damn Vandals!  Jack Kansas (vox), Frank Pick (guitar), Adam Kilemore Gardens (aka THE ANVIL – bass) and Chris Christianson (drums) make up this talented quartet.  Hailing from the Big Smoke (that’s London…

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OuterSound :: May 2010

The May episode of OuterSound showcases a variety of independent artists from around the world to include Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, the UK and, of course, the US.  Here’s who you’ll hear… Prophet Z :: Brooklyn, NY The Wake :: Rosignano Solvay, Italy Sink to See :: Los Angeles, CA 28-200 :: Denver, CO IM Munroe :: Vancouver, Canada ThisOrder…

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Big Doings for the Canadian Ska Masters

genre: ska label: Skaspot Records In case you missed it, our favourite Canadian ska band, Rude City Riot, was a featured guest on CBC Radio One’s “On the Coast“ hosted by Stephen Quinn this past week.  RCR played (5) tracks live on the air, followed by another (5) off air and topped it off with a free concert outside on…

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The Hoose Is Loose

genre: punk | rock | power-pop label: unsigned Somewhere between the incredibly brilliant and the criminally insane lies our newest addition to the broadcast…otherwise know as Sickhoose.  Their latest release, a 3 song ditty entitled Nozdrilz, comes pre-installed with a respectable dose of angst-laden guitars and syncopated rhythms (Stuart Copeland would be so proud) which, in turn, provide a compelling…

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