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Dig it…The Best of OuterSound

We round out 2009 with the Best of OuterSound.  It is a compilation of some (but not all) of the best indie music that has been delivered to the Froglix Faithful via our monthly OuterSound podcast and/or our global broadcast on Froglix Radio.  This first year-end edition could easily have been 2-3 times as long as it was very difficult to…

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Rude City Riot Featured in New Compilation Disc

Our ska friends from the True North Strong and Free, Rude City Riot have been honoured by having a track from their debut CD included as part of a new compilation disc.  The Pier Compilation – Exposed 2010 features some of the best reggae, rock, ska, and acoustic performances from out West.  You will find “25 Years” is track number 7…

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Ecentric, Electric…Tieweb

genre: alternative | rock label: unsigned listen now… Baby Don’t Cry Fade Up and Down One of the many cool things about the indie music “world” is that it provides a safe haven where artists from different musical backgrounds can find commonality.  It is a place that lies beyond the reach of the long arm of corporate radio.  A place where lads and…

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Adrenalin Overdrive :: Canada’s 22nd Century

genre: punk | grunge | rock label: unsigned listen now… Apartment 509 Stevie Guide Let Me Be In the mood for some high-octane rock with plenty of attitude?  Look no further than the (3) crazy Canucks from Vancouver better known as 22nd Century.  Tim Plommer (guitar/vocals), Duane Chaos (bass/vocals), and Zippy Pinhead (drums/percussion) deliver a full-fledged musical smackdown with their…

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If Bigfoot Is Real, He’d Be Digging High Ceiling

genre: reggae | rock | funk label: unsigned Illusions High and Lifted The Golden Rule I can see it now, the mighty Sasquatch, just minding his own business, is traipsing around the forests of the Pacific Northwest and stumbles upon a group of unsuspecting campers grooving to the sound stylings of Shelton, WA’s High Ceiling.  At first, he’d be pissed…

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